How to Apply for Credit

To qualify, your customer needs to answer the four questions below and then follow the next 4 steps:

Do you have full time employment? Yes
Do have your latest payslip?   Yes
Do you have a South African I.D.? Yes
Are all your accounts up-to-date? Yes

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5


Step 1 - Quick Test - 0860 000 3030

For an immediate response: Sms "Your ID number*Your surname*Your initials*Your gross salary" to 42997 / Vodacom Users 30633 (free sms) or alternatively you could call :

086 000 3030     New Business
086 000 6060     Repeat Business
086 000 4040     Account Queries

You must have the following information from the customer to conduct a quick test:

1)    ID Number
2)    Surname
3)    Initials
4)    Gross salary

Please phone the above information to 0860003030

You will be informed of the status:

- Submit
- Borderline
- Decline

Step 2 - Complete application form with required supporting documentation

If the quick test results in a response of “Submit” or “Borderline” the following documents should be faxed to Lendcor on: 031 305 30 31.
Credit application (fully completed) Latest Payslip:

- 1 payslip if the customer is paid monthly
- 2 payslips if the customer is paid fortnightly
- 4 payslips if the customer is paid weekly

One full month’s bank statement to correspond with the latest payslip ID Document

The customer can follow one of these tailor made options to suit their loan requirements:

- 6 month loan from R1000 to R5000
- 9 month loan from R1000 to R10 000
- 12 month loan from R1000 to R20 000
- 18 month loan from R2000 to R20 000
- 24 month loan from R2000 to R 20 000
- 36 months loan from R5000 to R30 000


Certain category of pensioners will be considered. Government pensioners may qualify if they do not have any other accounts.

For Pensioners:

- The following documents are required: -
- ID Documentation
- Pension Slip
- Copy of Pension Card
- One full months bank statement (if available)

And Application Form

The pensioner can select one of these tailor – made options to suit their loan requirements:
12 month loans – R1500

18 Month loans -R2000 (NEW)


Step 3 - Approval

On approval, Lendcor (Pty) Ltd will fax to you a Loan Agreement to be signed by the customer.

NB: Breakdown of Payments: To Merchant and Third Party on the Loan Agreement explaining the split of the loan. It is your responsibility to ensure that the goods supplied will be the value of the payment to the Merchant and not the loan amount.
NB: Delivery should take place within 60 days of the loan approval date. These forms must be completed and faxed back to 031 305 3031. Should the time period expire a new application must be submitted.

Please courier or post original documents to Lendcor (Pty) Ltd:

Physical Address: 331 Mavundla House
Anton Lembede Street
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 3297


Step 4 - Payment

Payment will be made to the Merchant on receipt of signed faxed copies of the:

- Loan Agreement
- Delivery Note/ Invoice, fully completed and signed
Copy of I.D for repeat / marketing

NB:The above documents must be fully completed and signed by the customer, and Merchant.

Step 5 - Repeat Business

For repeat business, please call Lendcor (Pty) Ltd’s call center on 086 000 6060.


If the client has an existing loan and has completed paying three consecutive installments, he/ she can then apply for a new loan settling the outstanding amount. Settlement amounts are valid for 7 days only from date of issue. The Loan Agreement will show the split of the loan with the loan amount, the settlement and the payment to Merchant. If a client will only receive R500 or less after their Lendcor (Pty) Ltd settlement, a loan cannot be granted. Copy of I.D. will be required as well as confirmation of employment and references will be re-confirmed.




- This is the process for when an application has been paid and the client then cancels the application
- Merchant/ client is to complete the cancellation letter and fax it to Lendcor (Pty) Ltd on 031 3053031. A letter will then be sent to the Merchant requesting a refund within 14 days upon receiving the cancellation letter
- If Lendcor (Pty) Ltd has not received a refund within that time, the monies will then be offset from the Merchant's next payment

The Loan Account will only be cancelled once all monies are received by Lendcor.

Customers can now pay at any branch of:

- Shoprite
- Pick ‘n Pay
- Post Office

Standard Bank
Branch: Westville
Branch Code: 045426
Account Number: 053081684

Branch: Durban
Branch Code: 221426
Account Number: 62056370861
Branch: Durban
Branch Code: 630126
Account Number: 4059454715

Pensioners can now conveniently pay their monthly instalments at any Post Office using the Pensioner Payment Schedule, which is available to you, the Merchant.